Facebook Advertising and How Local SEO Can Help

Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC)

Facebook Ads have been the go-to advertising platform along with SEO for local business owners who want to target and utilize the incredible population that the social network boasts in Florida.

With over 1.79 billion users (3rd Qtr 2016), Facebook is the #1 social network. Facebook has been allowing brands, companies, and local businesses to tap into Facebook’s Advertising Network to reach their vast audience and customer data insights.

Google AdWords tends to have more of a purchasing power intent vs. Facebook Ads.

Facebook marketers can drive a better brand awareness campaign that will drive “raving”, viral customers on the robust social media platform.

Something to think about.

Facebook Advertising Basics

You’ve probably noticed various ads on your Facebook appearing alongside the newsfeed and in the newsfeed with most of them being targeted towards you per your interests, likes, and friends. The amount of data that Facebook has on its users is vast and very intuitive.

This means that, for example, if a Facebook Advertiser is putting up ads for his wristwatch website, the ad is more likely to appear to people who have shown an interest on similar pages and posts or friends who have those similar interests in watches.

A sample set of Facebook interests that may trigger an ad for the example mentioned will include:

  • Rolex
  • Swatch
  • Diving
  • Omega
  • Seiko
  • and many more!

Through a good segmented ad campaign with a clear definition of who your customer profile is, Facebook Advertising * (if set up correctly) can be one of the most effective ways to build an audience of like minded individuals but also generate more leads.

Now if such a person lands on a wristwatch website through an ad, they are more likely to make a purchase: a qualified lead!

Over time, Facebook Advertising has refined their initial Pay Per Click (PPC) model, implementing organic ads through methods like ‘sponsored posts’. With ads looking less conventional and in-the-face, click-through rates have gone through the ROOF with advertisers using Facebook to reach their most desired audience.

Advertisers can now target ads according to demographics and psychographics, having more power on which kind of audience sees the ads.

How Facebook Ads Helps Your Local SEO Campaign

Depending on the nature of your business and what your services entail, Facebook is pretty much a great marketing platform to advertise your business regardless of your industry. From selling automotive products to luxury condos and almost everything in between, Facebook is a tool that most advertisers can use regardless of budgets or size of business.

What’s great for a local business in any state is the amount of reach or awareness a Facebook Ad could produce with an investment of a $1 dollar to $20 dollars a day. Depending on the type of ad you’ve created, local businesses can harness the true power of Facebook and boost up their Local SEO while doing so.

In a Perfect World

Waving a magic wand and allowing you the business owner to have the perfect business website that’s mobile optimized, loads quick, and provides the E.A.T philosophy that Google wants to see in terms of content marketing and authority.

So let’s assume that we’ve granted this hypothetical wish and your local business is running Facebook ads.

There are two ways to increase your Local SEO visibility through the use of advertising on Facebook:

  • Increase the # of “Likes” to URLs on your website (social signals)
  • “Likes”, “Shares”, “Comments”

To clarify by what we mean by the word, “Likes”, we don’t mean the total number of Likes or Fans that your Facebook page has gained. Although total Facebook likes do play a part in an algorithm we don’t really know much about, “Likes” that are accumulated through a status update or through a share does hold weight in terms of search engine rankings.

Although it is debated as to how much weight it accurately holds, one great way to increase your Local SEO presence is to follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you have claimed your Google Business Profile listing
  • Create an offer that drives customers to specific landing page on your website
    • 2 For 1
    • Coupons
    • Specials
    • You Get The Picture
  • Use a Facebook Ad budget of $5 to $10 dollars a day
  • Make sure the landing page has specific web copy that states strong intention to purchase or a clear call to action
  • Use part of the budget to drive people to that specific landing page but also allocate the media spend to include:
    • Home Page
    • Contact Us Page
    • Well Written Blog Posts
    • Products / Services Page

This will help your visibility within Facebook as friends of friends and fans of your Fan Page as well as random local residents will see your ad and potentially engage with it either through liking, liking the page, commenting, sharing, or clicking the ad to your website (that’s the holy grail)!

Word of Caution

While Facebook PPC is all the rage currently, many marketers and advertisers have lost thousands, if not millions of dollars on failed Social Pay Per Click / PPC campaigns. It is generally recommended that one employs a reliable digital agency for their search engine marketing strategy; preferably one that specializes in Facebook PPC.

You don’t want your hard-earned dough going down the drain because you refrained from taking the help of a PPC agency. Although the engagement and status updates are fairly simple to do, setting up a Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign takes a little bit of technical knowledge.

For more information on Facebook Advertising for businesses of any size in Florida, give us a call at (305) 239-8505.