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Digital Footprint

Is Your Website Performing?

Digital Footprint

You can’t fix what you don’t know. Understanding how your business is positioned online is the first step in managing your digital footprint on Google.

Our 360 “Digital Footprint” will analyze and audit your brand to find opportunities, gaps, and recommendations to increase your overall SEO visibility, keyword rankings, and local presence on Google.

Get your business on the right step with a custom “Digital Footprint”.

Digital Audit

How Does Your Business Look Online?

A Peek Under the hood

Have you ever Googled your business? Do you have a pulse on your customer sentiment? Is your website properly indexed on Google? Do you know the keywords your website is ranking for?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer those questions. It’s our job at ilocal SEO to understand how your brand is positioned online and report back to you on how you’re doing or not doing

We look at your website design, your users experience, online customer sentiment, and your competitors online activities to build a market intelligence report.

Website Audit

We take a comprehensive look at your website’s performance based on various key performance indicators (KPIs) including the technical health of your website, the visibility of your brand online, local search rankings, and the call to action / copywriting of your website.

Our technical audit looks at your site speed, mobile friendly with smartphones, and the number of pages indexed in Google.

We use enterprise level SEO tools such as SEMRush, BrightLocal, Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog and our custom data tools to scan your website for technical SEO errors.

Increase Usability

Make it Easy For Them

Fix Your Website

Have you ever clicked on a link, only to find a 404 error page? Visit a website that took an eternity to load? Does your website look funny on mobile devices forcing you to squint and pinch your smartphone?

Our digital footprint goes through your errors and uses data driven analysis to provide recommendations to fix your online presence. 

It's Important to Have a Clean Website

If potential customers are having trouble finding your brand online or having a poor website experience will ultimately influence your rankings on Google. Think of your own search habits and experiences with poorly optimized websites. 

Stop losing $1000s of dollars a year in potential revenue to your competitors. Improve your brands presence online with a digital audit from ilocal SEO and start generating more qualified leads and sales with our digital footprint analysis.

"85% of consumers use the Internet for research before making a purchasing decision thus making reviews, and company profiles incredibly important to monitor."

We've Helped Companies Like Yours

our digital footprint services Include:

Develop brand audit encompassing website performance, online visibility, competitor analysis, & market intelligence. Next steps to develop a long term growth strategy and online presence.

Digital Audit Tactics we Implement:

Analyze Data

Scour the web for brand mentions and assess website performance benchmarks.

Implement Tasks

Use digital footprint to execute tasks to fix and improve presence online.

Create Audit

Understand your position online, compile digital footprint with next steps to improve. ​


Measure KPIs with ongoing improvements when Google updates its search algorithm.​

Plan of Action

Site audit approach

Our digital audit takes a holistic approach when it comes to your digital marketing plan. 


Audit Tools

We take a peek underneath your “hood” and see what can be improved on your website.


Online Visibility​

We help you understand where your business stands locally and competitively.


Achieve Your Goals

Our digital footprint strategy will help build rankings, generate phone calls, and increase sales. 

Knowledgeable, Accountable, and Goal Driven

It's All About Your Results.

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