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Local SEO

Get Found Locally ​

How Local SEO Helps​

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) is the part of SEO that focuses on the local search marketing needs of a brick and mortar business, multiple location businesses, nationwide franchises, and offices looking to be found locally online and on the maps.

To succeed in any local search result, it is important that your business has a claimed, verified, and populated Google Business Profile (GBP) aka Google Business Listing.

Digital Audit

How Does Your Business Look Online?

A peek Under the hood

Have you ever Googled your business? Do you have a pulse on your customer sentiment? Is your website properly indexed on Google? Do you know the keywords your website is ranking for?

Don’t worry if you can’t answer those questions. It’s our job at ilocal SEO to understand how your brand is positioned online and report back to you on how you’re doing or not doing

We look at your website design, your users experience, online customer sentiment, and your competitors online activities to build a market intelligence report.

Website Audit

We take a comprehensive look at your website’s performance based on various key performance indicators (KPIs) including the technical health of your website, the visibility of your brand online, local search rankings, and the call to action / copywriting of your website.

Our technical audit looks at your site speed, mobile friendly with smartphones, and the number of pages indexed in Google.

We use enterprise level SEO tools such as SEMRush, BrightLocal, Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog and our custom data tools to scan your website for technical SEO errors.

Google Business Profile

How Do We Rank Locally?

Google Local Optimization

When your Google Business Profile listing is verified and optimized, it becomes visible to Google’s local ranking factors.

People can call your listing (via Smartphone), learn about it by visiting your local landing pages, send you a message, read your Google reviews, or search your products and services, as well as viewing your photos and videos.

Google Posts allows companies to post messages just like a Facebook Page except these go on your customer search results when they search for you locally. 

More Organic SEO = Better Website Traffic = More Sales

Having a consistent Name, Address, & Phone Number” is important when starting the Local SEO process. Reviews are also very important if you want to outrank your competitors. Google uses reviews as a trust and relevancy factor. 

Local SEO - What is it?

Local SEO basically answers a customers question or search query that has local intent. It could something simple as what is the closest pizza store or nearest sushi restaurant.

The technical optimization of your website and overall presence online as well as your competitions will all factor into local search results.

In the screenshot, you will see that Google is displaying no ads above the “Local 3 Pack” results for the Google Search: 

“Restaurants in West Palm Beach“

In the past, Google would show users 10 listings than 7 listings and finally only 3 local businesses. 

Google is now allowing Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to be shown within the local map page for local searches. 

This makes not just ranking locally harder but the introduction of paid ads from companies with bigger Google PPC budgets and better websites.

The competition to get into the top 3 local listings within Google has become even fiercer in 2023 with more business finally building mobile friendly websites and utilizing digital marketing strategies!

Google Maps

Get Found Where It Matters

Google Maps Optimization

Have you ever made a search for your business information on Google Maps? Are you verified? Is your business info correct? Business name spelled correctly? Address ok? Phone number accurate? Do you have any online reviews?

ilocal SEO makes sure your business is visible locally on search engines and helps your customers find you on Google Maps.

As we mentioned before, making sure your business data NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is accurate is one of the best Local SEO signals you can send to Google.

With a proper Local SEO campaign, your business will appear online to potential customers searching for services you provide as well as your brand. 

is it Important to Appear on Local Searches?

80% of people that are searching for local businesses do that on search engines like Google. They are searching for directions to local stores, hours of operation, addresses / directions, and general information related to businesses.  If potential customers are searching on Google and your business isn’t appearing on those search results; you are probably losing $1000s of dollars a year in potential revenue. 

In 2018, Google reported over 3,000 improvements to search, more than 8 times the number of updates in 2009"

We've Helped Companies Like Yours

Our Local SEO Services Include:​

Optimization of your website for local searches, management of local business listings, content curation for Reddit and Google Posts, growth marketing strategy, and monthly reporting.

Local SEO Tactics We Implement:​

Build Online Authority​

Develop a new digital presence that will enhance your visibility online and start to get found!​

Boost Positive Results​

Our Local SEO strategy helps to better understand your market trends and pocket opportunities.

Create Content​

Curation of images, social posts, and Google posts will develop Expertise Authority Trust.

Ongoing SEO​

SEO is a long term process that needs to be “watered” daily in order to blossom on Google. ​

Plan of Action

Local SEO Approach​

We look at Local SEO from a holistic approach when it comes to an overall SEO plan. 


Local SEO Tools​

We take a peek underneath your “hood” and see what can be improved on your website.


Online Visibility

We help you understand where your business stands locally and competitively.


Achieve Your Goals​

Our local SEO strategy will help build rankings, generate phone calls, and increase sales. 

Knowledgeable, Accountable, and Goal Driven

It's All About Your Results.

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